Hello and Welcome to the first post from 4 Paws Love. And, no before you ask, this is not a pet dating site. 4 Paws Love is dedicated to the love we have for our 4 legged friends-our dogs and cats.

I am Ralph, and I am your host on this trip. Hopefully, we can bribe with a treat, some other dogs and cats we know and don’t know to post stories here.

We will talk to you about the daily issues of being a housepet, health issues, food issues, news and more.


ME ready to go for a walk

I know what your saying, why do I look like that? I feel asleep wearing my harness and when I woke up it was down around my butt. My master thought it was funny to take a picture of me like that. I thought it was humiliating.

Anyway, I am your guide on this journey. I thought what better way to talk about pet issues, then to have one writing this blog.

Good to have you. Welcome aboard.

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